No Gym? No Problem 5 Body Weight Workouts you Can Do Anywhere

Not everyone wants to pay for a gym membership. Even if you do have one maybe you cannot make it to the gym today or maybe not in the local area on vacation. It doesn’t matter the case these workouts can be done anywhere.

  • The Push Up

This is probably one of the most basic and most overlooked workouts people have at their disposal. Push ups help you gain upper body strength in a way that most body weight exercises do not. Push ups work out your pectoral muscles, your deltoids (shoulder muscles), triceps, and even the upper portion of your abdominal muscles. There are many different variations of the push up that can make it more challenging or just different if you are sick of doing just basic push ups.

  • Burpees

Burpees pretty much work out every major muscle group throughout your body and will give you a great workout alone. If you find that hard to believe try doing burpees for five minutes consecutively. It will be a work out trust me.

  • Box Jump

Now of course this only works if you have a box that you can jump on that you are not afraid will break. This is a great workout that targets your bodies fast twitch muscle fibers. Your body’s fast twitch muscles are the ones used in power moves. For instance, when a running back makes an explosive cut or the initial push off as a runner is going to steal second base in baseball.

  • Sit up/Crunch

The basic sit up or crunch is a good workout when you cannot make it to the gym or do not have equipment you can use. I would not recommend doing them without a mat though. Many people want nice abdominal muscles and while they are actually made in the kitchen you can get a jump start on them with doing sit up and crunches or the many variations of them.

  • Bench Dips

This is a good exercise where the primary muscle group being targeted is your triceps but this also works out your pectoral muscles as a secondary muscle group as well. This can be done without bench if you have a coffee table or even a lower seated dinner table this could be done using those.