No Gym? No Problem 5 Body Weight Workouts you Can Do Anywhere

Not everyone wants to pay for a gym membership. Even if you do have one maybe you cannot make it to the gym today or maybe not in the local area on vacation. It doesn’t matter the case these workouts can be done anywhere.

  • The Push Up

This is probably one of the most basic and most overlooked workouts people have at their disposal. Push ups help you gain upper body strength in a way that most body weight exercises do not. Push ups work out your pectoral muscles, your deltoids (shoulder muscles), triceps, and even the upper portion of your abdominal muscles. There are many different variations of the push up that can make it more challenging or just different if you are sick of doing just basic push ups.

  • Burpees

Burpees pretty much work out every major muscle group throughout your body and will give you a great workout alone. If you find that hard to believe try doing burpees for five minutes consecutively. It will be a work out trust me.

  • Box Jump

Now of course this only works if you have a box that you can jump on that you are not afraid will break. This is a great workout that targets your bodies fast twitch muscle fibers. Your body’s fast twitch muscles are the ones used in power moves. For instance, when a running back makes an explosive cut or the initial push off as a runner is going to steal second base in baseball.

  • Sit up/Crunch

The basic sit up or crunch is a good workout when you cannot make it to the gym or do not have equipment you can use. I would not recommend doing them without a mat though. Many people want nice abdominal muscles and while they are actually made in the kitchen you can get a jump start on them with doing sit up and crunches or the many variations of them.

  • Bench Dips

This is a good exercise where the primary muscle group being targeted is your triceps but this also works out your pectoral muscles as a secondary muscle group as well. This can be done without bench if you have a coffee table or even a lower seated dinner table this could be done using those.


Death of a Sibling

October 13th, a day I have come to dread. The day my sister passed away. It was today last year actually. This is the one year anniversary of her death.

I can’t tell you why I am writing this really. Most of the time a have a good idea of what I want to say when I am writing but this time to be honest I am kind of just winging it.

My sister died unexpectedly and to be honest, I was not the best brother. She was a few years older and clearly the favorite despite what my mother will ever say out loud. We just did not see eye to eye. She was a very warm and loving person and well I would not say that I am. I am more of a sarcastic asshole that makes fun of anyone he likes. These personalities obviously clashed. This kept me from being close to her and the five children and husband she left behind. Being in the military and deploying multiple times did not help either.

People say time heals all wounds and to include the death of a loved on. I do not really believe that because I feel as hurt and as guilty as the day I found out a year ago. I still hurt just the same, but somehow you find a way to move on with the pain.

I felt guilty after the first couple months when I realized “oh I didn’t think of you today.” Which then just made me feel more guilty. A year later and I still feel guilty. I took my family for granted, my sister specifically. I was always thinking “we are still relatively young, i’ll do my twenty in the military, get out, and then become the family guy.”

Well if you kind of fall into that situation I would advise you to stop reading and call your family now, just to see how they are or just to talk. I cannot think of what I would give for just a five minute phone call with my sister just to tell her I am sorry and I love her. That stupid saying of tomorrow is never promised is true unfortunately

I don’t really know how to end this but thank you for reading,for some strange reason this made me feel slightly better.

R.I.P sis, I love and miss you.

The $20 Healthy Grocery List

Look, most of us have had those times where funds are tight. Sometimes you need some help and find a way to cut back, even if it is just a little bit.I have been there myself. You may think that going to the grocery store includes dropping a $100+ every time. Well I am here to tell you that it does NOT. Here is my healthy grocery list for under $20 a week. Keep in mind this is not the healthiest option, but unfortunately in our society healthy = more expensive.

The Broke Man’s Shopping List

  • 1 lb ground turkey, $3
  • 1 pack of the cheapest pasta noodles, $1,
  • ½ lb thin sliced deli meat of your choosing (preferably turkey), $2
  • Head of lettuce, $1
  • 1 carton of eggs, $1.50
  • 1 lb bagged rice, $1
  • 1 jar of Peanut Butter, $2
  • 1/2 gallon of low fat milk, $1.25
  • 1 bag of potatoes, $3
  • Pound of in season fruit like bananas, $.75
  • 1 lb package of bread, $1
  • 1 lb of the cheapest chicken you can find (typically thighs or drumsticks), $2.5

Which comes to a total of exactly $20

Meal Plans for the week

I do not typically at breakfast so that would help me pinch a couple pennies here but if you do here are some sample meals based off this list:

  1. Slice of toast, 2 eggs, and season fruit (banana)
  2. Slice of toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk
  3. Eggs and fried potatoes

Some ideas for lunch:

  1. Egg sandwich
  2. Deli meat sandwich
  3. 2 eggs and 4 oz piece of the chicken (important to add any dressings you may have for some added flavor
  4. Leftovers

And then finally dinner:

  1. Spaghetti, this can be done with the ground turkey or chicken but use it sparingly you will need it other nights.
  2. Pan fried chicken and potato wedges (take one of the fatter potatoes and slice it length wise, add some olive oil or melted butter and throw some salt and pepper on the slices and bake in the oven on 425 for 25 minutes.
  3. Chicken and rice
  4. Take the lettuce and make little taco shells or boats if you will and put some ground turkey or shredded chicken in them with pretty much whatever condiments or toppings you have in the fridge.


Bomb Ass Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Football season is upon us. These poppers are what is going to make you the life of the party when it comes to food. This is my go to favorite when it comes to game days. All you need for these is some jalapenos, a package of bacon (not thick cut), and some cream cheese.

As you can see below you need to take the poppers and cut them long ways. This is a picture from when I made this recipe yesterday. No paid photographer that makes all food look amazing here.

Take a spoon and scoop out the middle of the popper to include the seeds. As you can see in the picture above , the peppers have been slit long ways and the insides have been scoop out.

Next take some cream cheese with that spoon and put it in the pepper halves. After that you’re just simply going to take a strip of bacon and wrap it around you pepper with the cream cheese in it.

When it comes to cooking these I prefer to cook them in my air fryer. However, you can also just bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-17 minutes with the latter having crispier bacon. if you are using an air fryer then just set it for 11-13 minutes at 385 degrees. Time depending on personal preference for bacon crispness.

Can Jacoby brissett be a Long term Option for the Colts?

Is Jacoby Brissett a franchise quarterback? Seems to be a very common question in Indiana the past few weeks after Andrew Luck shocked the organization and frankly the entire NFL. Let’s look at a few different things when asking this questions.

Statistics through the first five weeks

5 games in the season 1062 yards, 10 touchdowns versus just three interceptions. Meaning he is on pace to throw 3,398 yards in a season, in today’s NFL this is similar to Cam Newton’s 2018 season where he threw for 3,395 yards which had him at 19th among other signal callers in the league according to pro football reference. Jacoby averages just 212 yards a game so far throughout the season. That is not that great and does not scream franchise QB. However, how much of that is because the system? Frank Reich and Chris Ballard wanted a physical, run first, smash mouth football team and the have made it happen so far in Indy. He is projected to get 32 touchdowns which would put him up there with Jared Goff’s numbers from 2018 who also threw for 32 sixers during last season. He was tied for sixth in TDs thrown for quarterbacks next to Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees, that is not bad company for 7. 3-2… The biggest state that should matter in my opinion, a winning record. The Colt could realistically be 4-1 if Adam would have made those kicks in the season opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans should not care if it is Curtis Painter out there again as long as the team is winning games. When Luck retired, everyone wrote the Colts off. They went from legit Super Bowl Contenders to bottom of the barrel next to the Dolphins.


Coachability is something coaches always look at when evaluating players. Ca this guy be coached and is he willing to learn? Or is he just going to be another high priced diva that is becoming all too common in the NFL these days. So far JB 7 fits that bill. He is willing to learn and do it on the fly when he has to like in the 2017 season when luck was injured.

Character is another aspect JB fits into perfectly. f you watch his interviews it is very clear he can be the face of the team and hold the responsibility well. If only he could stop saying “uh”during his interviews. He definitely needs to practice public speaking but he passes that test as well.

Brissett has a competitiveness in him. You can see that by the way he plays and how he carries himself on the field.

He seems to be a team player as well. The team speaks highly of him and he just wants to win. He does not care about throwing the ball 35-40 times a game. If running the ball 25+ times can get a win then he is for it.

His poise in the pocket could be better. With time hopefully it does improve. It seems he has trouble reading passed his first progression at times.

Accuracy is another issue that many critics ave of JB. He can’t put a nice drop on the ball and only knows how to throw rockets with that superman like arm. This is true to an extent his accuracy does have some issues. He is currently sitting with 64.7% completion rating which is about middle of the pack. It should be noted though that his receivers have dropped a good amount of passes. Eric Ebron had three drops alone in one of the games this season.


It may be to early to tell on JB 7 but do see him as a top 10 QB in this league. He will never get the hype of the praise that Andrew Luck did. I do not believe he will ever have the game changing ability that Luck had as well. However, in time I do believe he will be an above average quarterback in this league.


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