Is Jacoby Brissett a franchise quarterback? Seems to be a very common question in Indiana the past few weeks after Andrew Luck shocked the organization and frankly the entire NFL. Let’s look at a few different things when asking this questions.

Statistics through the first five weeks

5 games in the season 1062 yards, 10 touchdowns versus just three interceptions. Meaning he is on pace to throw 3,398 yards in a season, in today’s NFL this is similar to Cam Newton’s 2018 season where he threw for 3,395 yards which had him at 19th among other signal callers in the league according to pro football reference. Jacoby averages just 212 yards a game so far throughout the season. That is not that great and does not scream franchise QB. However, how much of that is because the system? Frank Reich and Chris Ballard wanted a physical, run first, smash mouth football team and the have made it happen so far in Indy. He is projected to get 32 touchdowns which would put him up there with Jared Goff’s numbers from 2018 who also threw for 32 sixers during last season. He was tied for sixth in TDs thrown for quarterbacks next to Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees, that is not bad company for 7. 3-2… The biggest state that should matter in my opinion, a winning record. The Colt could realistically be 4-1 if Adam would have made those kicks in the season opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans should not care if it is Curtis Painter out there again as long as the team is winning games. When Luck retired, everyone wrote the Colts off. They went from legit Super Bowl Contenders to bottom of the barrel next to the Dolphins.


Coachability is something coaches always look at when evaluating players. Ca this guy be coached and is he willing to learn? Or is he just going to be another high priced diva that is becoming all too common in the NFL these days. So far JB 7 fits that bill. He is willing to learn and do it on the fly when he has to like in the 2017 season when luck was injured.

Character is another aspect JB fits into perfectly. f you watch his interviews it is very clear he can be the face of the team and hold the responsibility well. If only he could stop saying “uh”during his interviews. He definitely needs to practice public speaking but he passes that test as well.

Brissett has a competitiveness in him. You can see that by the way he plays and how he carries himself on the field.

He seems to be a team player as well. The team speaks highly of him and he just wants to win. He does not care about throwing the ball 35-40 times a game. If running the ball 25+ times can get a win then he is for it.

His poise in the pocket could be better. With time hopefully it does improve. It seems he has trouble reading passed his first progression at times.

Accuracy is another issue that many critics ave of JB. He can’t put a nice drop on the ball and only knows how to throw rockets with that superman like arm. This is true to an extent his accuracy does have some issues. He is currently sitting with 64.7% completion rating which is about middle of the pack. It should be noted though that his receivers have dropped a good amount of passes. Eric Ebron had three drops alone in one of the games this season.


It may be to early to tell on JB 7 but do see him as a top 10 QB in this league. He will never get the hype of the praise that Andrew Luck did. I do not believe he will ever have the game changing ability that Luck had as well. However, in time I do believe he will be an above average quarterback in this league.

Published by Ryan McGinley

I’m 27 years old. Been in the military for just under nine years. About to make the transition to the civilian world. I enjoy writing and like to write about many different things.

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